A Message From The 120th Anniversary Commemorative Committee

The Ukrainian Canadian community has truly rallied this year in marking 120 years of Ukrainian settlement in Canada.

Since our committee was mandated by the UCC Triennial Congress last November to facilitate the celebration of this significant anniversary, it was clear from the beginning that the ‘heavy lifting’ would be readily done at the local level.

Since an official logo was selected and made available for general use, we have received a steady stream of requests for permission to print the logo on posters and program booklets, on banners and signage, on articles of clothing to be worn by summer camp participants and touring artistic groups.

National, regional and local events, celebrations and festivals are formally dedicated to the 120th Anniversary, and the official logo is proudly displayed in conjunction with those imprezy. And let’s not stop now – remember, the official 120th Anniversary Year is dedicated to last until next Summer!

As we move into the Fall of 2011, and our Ukrainian communities across Canada become their usual hives of high-level activity and new challenges of excellence, let’s carry the spirit of these past 120 years with us, and especially let’s instill in our children a pride and passion for who we are as a community.

I must admit to being old enough to remember 1967, when all Canadians came together under one banner and all its accompanying symbolism – the Centennial of this great country. Today, when I see that Centennial logo or an artifact from some celebration of that year, I instantly recall all the senses and sensations that such a significant year brought to children of all ages.
It should be the same with our celebrations, especially as we move towards the 125th Anniversary in just over 4 short years.

Wear and display the logo with pride, and by all means, please let the Commemorative Committee know if there is anything we can do to help make your special events even more special. We can provide you with historical text and context for your official print materials, with referrals and links, with experts on the various aspects of the life of Ukrainians in Canada, with ideas and feedback. Sviatkuimo veselo, viddano i smilyvo!

Roman Brytan
Chair, UCC 120th Anniversary Commemorative Committee

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