Is there Opportunity in Membership?

Yes! Here is your chance to work in a chartered, national organization which is affiliated with national and world organizations.

The UCWLC connects you with a group, dedicated to enriching the lives of its members and those of the community. You are provided with the opportunity to take your dreams and turn them into both social and spiritual good.

You will work within a League that is church-based, is recognized by the hierarchy and the laity of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, and is respected by governments at all levels.

League membership is open to all women who are members of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

National Position
Archeparchy of Winnipeg
Eparchy of Saskatoon
Eparchy of Edmonton
Eparchy of New Westminister
Eparchy of Toronto

Is described as every woman who is a member of a Ukrainian Catholic Church and who accepts both the Catholic and the Ukrainian aspects of the aims and programs of the UCWLC.

Honourary Life
Honourary Life Membership is granted by the National Executive. It carries with it all the rights and duties of an active member at all levels without payment of membership dues.

Honourary Life Membership is granted to:

  • the outgoing president of National Executive.
  • members of the UCWLC who meet the criteria outlined by the National Executive.

Membership in the organization will appeal to those interested in growth in Catholic faith, in learning more about Ukrainian Rite and our heritage, culture, and tradition with a chance to help others.

Gaining skills in leadership and communication are part of the incentive packages.
The membership includes a subscription to the League Journal, providing educational information an contact with the League across Canada.