Current Guidelines

–          For the Publication and Distribution of the Nasha Doroha Magazine

Good communication at all levels of the UCWLC is vital to continued efficient publication and delivery of the magazines.


  • Maintaining direct and frequent contact with all Branch Presidents in their Eparchy
  • Providing assistance and offering suggestions to the branches regarding their submissions, quality of photographs, length of articles, etc. The Eparchial Representative must be familiar and knowledgeable in matters regarding guidelines, policies, and deadlines.
  • Receiving and collecting the submissions from the Branches
  • Proofing the material received from the Branches (check spelling, accuracy of information, etc.)- if the material is handwritten, the Representative is asked to provide a double spaced typed copy – use e-mail whenever possible
  • Preparing and proofing articles that relate to the Eparchial Executive according to the same guidelines as Branch submissions
  • Separating the cheques from the articles – the articles (including any photos) are to be mailed to the Editor (unless otherwise indicated – i.e. Technical Production e.g. Ihor Kodak
  • The cheques are to be mailed to the Nasha Doroha Financial Administrator (e.g. Patrice Detz).
    Please use the form that is provided in this Handbook to summarize your enclosures – quite often the author of the article is not the person making the donation so it is very important that this information is received by the Financial Administrator
  • Notifying the Financial Administrator of any changes regarding the name, address, and telephone number of the Branch Contact to whom the magazines will be sent
  • Working with the Editor re: e.g. stories, profiles, artwork, other thematic requests.
  • Keeping a record of all submissions sent in to the Editor from the Eparchy or Archeparchy.
    All submissions to Nasha Doroha are to be directed through the Eparchial Representative where they are recorded and tracked for reference.
  • Providing a report for the Eparchial Convention Book.

    Branch Presidents work as a team with the Eparchial Representative. They must know who their Nasha Doroha Representative is and how she may be contacted.

    Branch Presidents should forward all material and news from the Branch (intended for Sea to Sea) to the Eparchial Representative. Material must be typed (double spaced). Use e-mail whenever possible.

    Branch Presidents should adhere to all guidelines and deadlines.

    Select only photos that are of a very good quality (photos are usually not returned).

    Notify the Eparchial Membership Convenor of any new memberships (please be prompt – the Membership Convenor is responsible for providing the Eparchial Representative with this information).

    Branch Presidents are to send the completed subscription form and payment that they have received from non-member subscriptions, to the Financial Administrator (i.e. Patrice Detz). Do not send non-member subscription forms and payment to any member of the National Executive, the Editor, or the Technical Staff.

    Branch Presidents are to maintain an up-to-date mailing list for their Branches and immediately notify the Eparchial Representative should changes need to be made – the mailing list must include a name, an address, and postal code, and a telephone number at which contact can be made if need be – e-mail addresses and fax numbers are also appreciated.

    Branch Presidents are to ensure that magazines are distributed promptly – magazines are produced for all members – they should not be left at the back of the church, in the vestibule, parish hall, or in a meeting room. Some branches have found it helpful to put the member’s name on her copy – this reminds the member to pick up her copy. It may also help track the reason why a member is not taking her magazine.


  1. When will my submissions be printed?
    • After you have sent in your article to the Eparchial Representative, she will forward it to the Nasha Doroha Editor, usually within 2-3 days of receiving the article. She will make a copy and keep it on file for reference and check when the article is published. The actual publication of the article depends entirely on the Editor. There is a Policy for Nasha Doroha content that the Editor must follow with each issue and, therefore, she needs to fit in each article appropriately for content (see Nasha Doroha Policy Paper).
  2. What kind of submissions are needed?
    • Nasha Doroha is always seeking interesting personal experience stories.
    • Nasha Doroha welcomes the work of artists for its covers.
    • ‘Sea to Sea’ Reports – generally between 75-100 words, focus on events and why they were successful. Maximize the importance of the event by reporting on special highlights and prominent guests.
    • Thematic requests – sometimes the Editor will ask for specific articles e.g. the Holodomor, bilingual programs, importance of being Ukrainian, etc.
  3. How should submissions be sent?
  4. It is best to send by e-mail as it gets to the Editor very quickly, otherwise, place your submission in a large brown envelope (8×10). It doesn’t hurt to put on the envelope: Photos, please, do not bend. If photos are sent in, they will not be returned. Do not send original art as that also will not be returned. Send in color copies. Send articles typed and ready for printing. Follow specified ‘length’ guidelines so that your article does not have to be edited in size where you may lose some quality.

  5. What are some important guidelines re: current rates for Nasha Doroha for UCWLC members? ( as of January 1, 2010/prices are subject to changes)
    • Branch events – no cost, donation appreciated to Nasha Doroha Press Fund or Nasha Doroha Reserve Fund, no specific sum
    • Member Profiles – no cost, 200 words with a photo (*profiles should only be for UCWLC members)
    • In Memoriam – $35.00 for 1-50 words and photo
    • In Memoriam – $55.00 for 51-100 words and photo
    • In memoriam – $75.00 for 101-150 words and photo
    • Announcements, Anniversary, Birth, Wedding, etc. – same guidelines as In Memoriam
    • *Photos are a choice. For these articles a cheque with a “Summary of Submissions for Nasha Doroha “ needs to be sent to the Eparchial Nasha Doroha Representatives, who in turn send the form, copy of the Nasha Doroha article and the cheque to the Financial Administrator and the original write-up goes to the Editor. This must be done before the article goes to print. This then will alleviate problems with collecting payment for these types of articles.
    • General Articles – between 500 & 600 words
    • Sea to Sea Reports – no longer than 75-100 words
    • Worthy, interesting speeches from events held – outlined in 50-60 words. Submissions not meeting the guidelines will be subject to editing for length by the Editor. When composing your articles, include only the most interesting facts pertinent to the article to avoid disappointment.
  6. How does one get extra copies of Nasha Doroha?
  7. Extra copies of Nasha Doroha can be requested for specific events, occasions, etc. e.g. a Membership Drive, etc. The selling price is $3.00 plus cost of shipping per copy. Requests for extra copies to be made through the eparchial representative to the Financial Administrator who can then include these extra copies with the regular shipping of issues.

  8. Should giving out of complimentary copies of Nasha Doroha be encouraged?
  9. Extra copies of Nasha Doroha should be on hand for the Nasha Doroha representatives to distribute to non-members who have contributed articles, etc. to Nasha Doroha at no fee charge. Compensate them with copies of Nasha Doroha quickly and graciously. This is good public relations. Eparchies should purchase a few extras so Nasha Doroha representatives can have these available for such purposes.

  10. What should be done with leftover copies of Nasha Doroha?
  11. Should there be leftover copies or unclaimed copies that just “hang” around, there are number of things that can be done. Here are some suggestions: distribute to possible members, take then when doing hospital visits, distribute via pastors to parishes where there are no UCWLC Branches, leave them in waiting rooms i.e. hospitals, doctors’ offices, hotel lobbies that have Ukrainian connections, place them in Bilingual Schools where permitted, hand them out on League Day to parish members.

  12. Can Nasha Doroha be given as a gift?
  13. Nasha Doroha makes a great inexpensive birthday, Christmas, etc. gift for a friend or family member and is good marketing for our organization. Subscription costs are: 1 year – $20, 2 years – $40.00. Magazine is mailed directly to the recipient. Subscription forms are in each magazine (a sample subscription form is included in this Handbook) and should be mailed with an enclosed cheque to: the Financial Administrator i.e. Patrice Detz, 110 Toronto St. Regina, SK, S4R 1L7

  14. How is Nasha Doroha distributed within the Branches?
  15. Each Nasha Doroha Contact for the Branch is responsible to ensure that the correct number of copies are ordered, received, and distributed promptly. It has been our experience that Nasha Doroha once received at Branch level is often not being distributed promptly. Sometimes the distribution procedure needs to be reviewed if it is not working out and a new method needs to be implemented. For example, when they are left in the church vestibule, they are sometimes picked up by non-members, which is not bad in itself but then there are not enough copies available for members.

  16. Where do the monies for the production of Nasha Doroha come from?
    • Members subscribe through their membership fee.
    • Non-members subscribe through a subscription fee.
    • Branches and individuals make donations.
    • Revenue from advertisements, announcements, grants, etc.
  17. Production costs for the magazine are covered by revenue from four sources:

  18. How does the Nasha Doroha Reserve Fund work?
    1. Up to 15 members – $20.00
    2. 16-25 members – $30.00
    3. C. 26-40 members – $50.00
    4. D. 40 or more members – $75.00
  19. This was established to create a fund for the production of the magazine and to pay expenses (beyond what comes in from the Nasha Doroha Press Fund). Each branch is encouraged to support this fund with the appropriate donation in accordance with membership as follows:

*Please make cheque out to: Nasha Doroha Reserve Fund and forward it to the Eparchial Treasurer who in turn forwards it to the Nasha Doroha Financial Administrator.