MMOR Campaign

05.08 Congress Resolutions:


That the 21st Congress of UCWLC, assembled, urges the UCWLC National Executive with the full participation of Nasha Doroha Editorial Board (or vice versa) to launch a 12-month MMOR Campaign to attract MORE MEMBERS AND/OR READERS for UCWLC and Nasha Doroha, and

  • that a National MMOR Chair to appointed to champion MMOR, and
  • that each Eparchy assign a Co-chair plus 2-5 (as required) members to manage MMOR, and
  • that an appropriate budget be allocated to operate the campaign, and
  • that a desired target of 6,000 MMOR be set as a guideline of success, and
  • that MMOR submit a quarterly report to the UCWLC members via Nasha Doroha, and
  • that the MMOR Committee organize a half-day session on “how to market” MMOR at the Eparchy levels.