More Post 1998 Updates

Ihor Kodak, technical production, was hired in 2003 to replace Sylvia Baran who had resigned.  He accepted employment as of May, 2003.

A formal contract for the editor and terms for the position were set up as well as that of the technical support person (though not a formal contract for the latter).

At the National Plenary the MMOR Campaign (More Members or Readers) was approved and at the 21st UCWLC Congress held in Winnipeg, MB (June 30-July 3, 2005) the MMOR Resolution was passed.

Putting Nasha Doroha on line was explored but there were problems experienced with the technical person and it just didn’t get going.

–          Shirley Lisowski, HLM

–          Past National President

–          Archeparchy of Winnipeg