Nasha Doroha ~ Post 1998

Delegates at the Nineteenth Congress of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada held in Toronto, Ontario (June 1998) directed the National Executive to address the concerns, which had been identified and expressed by the delegated and, indirectly by Branch members, regarding the Nasha Doroha journal.  It was recommended that a committee be formed to conduct a review and that its report be presented at the next Plenary meeting.

The National Executive in Saskatchewan treated this recommendation as a priority.  An Ad Hoc committee was formed.  When completed, the report of the Ad Hoc Committee provided an in-depth review of the policies of the journal at that time, but more importantly, included suggested recommendations and strategies for achieving those recommendations both in the short-term and the long term.  The report was accepted in principle at the National Plenary Conference held in Regina in April, 1999, and affirmed at the Plenary in May 2000 where it is recorded to have accepted “for consideration”.

In September 1999, Editor Vera Buczynsky resigned her position and the National Executive began its search for her replacement and for a second person who could provide the technical support needed.  In addition, the printing of the publication was tendered for bids.

At the National Plenary held in December 2000 it was decided to offer the position of Editor to Oksana Bashuk Hepburn (Quebec) and that of the Technical support to Sylvia Baran (Saskatoon).  The Nasha Doroha Policy Paper was updated to include changes reflective of the decisions made.  In addition, the Editorial board was activated to include representatives from the Eparchies, the Editor, the Technical Person, the National President, and the National Treasurer.

The National Executive and President-Elect Shirley Lisowski interviewed Oksana Bashuk Hepburn and Sylvia Baran at a meeting in Regina in January 2001 at which time both ladies presented enthusiastic ideas for what would be a reorganized and reader-friendly journal.  It was decided to employ both ladies for their respective positions.  The printing contract was awarded to Print West (Regina).

The next few months were extremely busy as the Editor and the board worked to have the first journal completed prior to the National Congress slated for July 2001.  Some of the previous format was retained, new sections were added namely:  “From Sea to Sea”, “Profiles”, “Eternal Peace”, and “Letters to the Editor”.  These sections continue to be very popular.

With appropriate fanfare the newly reorganized Nasha Doroha was formally unveiled at the banquet during the Twentieth Congress in Regina, July 2001 with Shirley Lisowski, Jayne Paluck, and Oksana Bashuk Hepburn doing the honours.

The newly elected National Executive from the Archeparchy of Winnipeg offered its support to the Editorial Board.  Patrice Detz became the Financial Administrator and Jayne Paluck assumed the position of Marketing Director and Chair of the Board.  During their terms the journal solicited advertisements from business and organizations, which were of interest to the Ukrainian Catholic community.  The funds realized proved to be an excellent source of revenue for the journal but also enlarged the journal’s public profile and its circulation.

With the election of the National Executive from the Eparchy of Toronto (2005), the composition and vision of the Editorial board passed to new personnel, who continued to maintain and expand upon the popular and successful changes that had been implemented.

–          Prepared by Jayne M. Paluck, HLM

–          Past National President