The Beginning

The need for a UCWLC publication was discussed among members of the National Executives officially and privately for many years.  The late Kateryna Crouse, organizer of the League in Eastern Canada, always spoke about the need for a publication.  Since we are a volunteer organization it was financially difficult to accomplish.

At the 1956 National Congress, at a special session, the need for a publication was discussed again.  Vera Buczynsky, the late Maria Baran and the late Iryna Malycka were very enthusiastic about this project.  They promised to do everything within their power to help make this dream a reality.  They would volunteer their services.

The 1968 National Congress recognized the need to record the 25th anniversary celebrations of the UCWLC in a publication.  A resolution was passed.

In 1968 the National Executive was situated in Toronto.  Iryna Malycka was the president.  Work began in earnest to realize this resolution.  It was to be a journal which would contain religious, spiritual, cultural, educational, organizational, historical, and current event articles.  The journal was to be a venue for the UCWLC Branches to share their celebrations, joys, sorrows, etc. with all members from sea to sea.  Some members did not believe this would be feasible.   Because we start our meetings with a hymn to Mary, our Patroness, her help was petitioned for this endeavour.  The name chosen was:  Nasha Do-ro’-ha (Our Way) or as we fondly referred to as Nasha Do-ro-ha’ (Our Dearest).  President Iryna Malycka was very energetic and enthusiastic.  She traveled to all Eparchies promoting the journal.

In January 1970 the first issue of Nasha Doroha was published.  Maria Baran from Saskatoon was the first editor from 1970-72.  The Editorial Board consisted to Iryna Malycka, Vera Buczynsky, Luba Luckiw, Yaroslava Wynnycka, Dr. Stephania Potoska, and Kateryna Petaske.  As treasurer at that time, I took the responsibility of keeping the subscription lists, accounts of the journal as well as the accounts for the National Executive.  This became a difficult task.  Several more members were appointed.  The members of the administration for Nasha Doroha were Eugenia Sawka, Yaroslava Sheremata, and Maria Slobodian.

Sylvia Kunanec, another addition to the administration, with the help of Toronto Branch members, headed the distribution of the journal for twenty years.  (The packing crew always enjoyed the pizza lunches!).  All members volunteered their time and effort for the good of the organization and Nasha Doroha.

In the beginning the members could subscribe to Nasha Doroha for $2.50 for four issues.  One issue was 75 cents.  It was sent to each subscriber to her home.  This was very costly and did not cover publishing, handling, and postage.  From 1972 to 1974 the journal was published in bulletin form.  But, fortunately, it again became an interesting and colourful journal.

When the National Executive was situated in Winnipeg in 1974, Vera Buczynsky became president and editor of the journal for the next 26 years.  President Vera Buczynsky proposed that Nasha Doroha be included in the membership fee of the organization.  At her initiative a Reserve Fund was established.  These resolutions were adopted at the X11 Congress in Winnipeg in 1977.  With these changes Nasha Doroha could finance itself without having to levy the Eparchies.

Thanks to the foresight of these women, our UCWLC organization has a history forever saved for future generations.

–          By Yaroslava Sheremeta,HLM