Nasha Doroha on the UCWLC Website

For several years, prior to the National Executive coming to Edmonton in July, 2007 the question of putting Nasha Doroha online had arisen.  Once the National Executive was in Edmonton, it was decided to look into the possibility of putting backdated issues of Nasha Doroha online. At the first Nasha Doroha Plenary Meeting held in November, 2007 in Edmonton, AB and attended by Luba Kowalchyk (National UCWLC President), Oksana Bashuk-Hepburn (Nasha Doroha Editor), Patrice Detz (Nasha Doroha Financial Administrator), and Rosemarie Nahnybida (Nasha Doroha Coordinator), a motion was passed to have Rosemarie Nahnybida check with three different sources and get three viewpoints/quotes as to the feasibility, procedure, and cost of putting backdated issues on internet and then make recommendations to the Edit Board.  Once a decision was made by the Edit Board on what was recommended the National Executive and Eparchial Nasha Doroha Representatives were to be informed.

For several months following this meeting, research was conducted as to the feasibility, cost, and procedure to be followed if Nasha Doroha was to be put online.  Consultation was made with Ihor Kodak (Nasha Doroha Technical Production), Peter Iwanuck (UCWLC Website), and Danny Maas (local computer specialist). The three sources, all agreed, and recommended that if Nasha Doroha was to go online as a Portable Document Format (PDF) – and this was customary practice – then the posting of Summer 2003 to December 2007 issues on to the UCWLC website would not be difficult. Ihor Kodak, Nasha Doroha Technical Production, had all the required files and programs and it would be a relatively easy and cost efficient process.

At the National Plenary held in early April 2008 in Edmonton, AB the findings were presented to the National Executive and a motion was passed authorizing the proposal that the backdated issues of Nasha Doroha be put online with appropriate monetary compensation to the technical person for the work involved.

Ihor Kodak was asked, agreed, and undertook the task of putting all the issues back to Summer 2003 (when he took over the technical production from Sylvia Baran).  The first two issues were online by April 22, 2008 and from that date forward, at his convenience, Ihor put on the remaining issues at $12.50 per issue.

Once the most recent issue of Nasha Doroha had been circulated to UCWLC members and other subscribers for at least 1-2 months, it was then put online.

Since we are living in very technological times, it was our hope that by putting Nasha Doroha online it would further create an awareness of what our publication is all about and of who we are as a UCWLC organization.  With our Nasha Doroha Policy Paper online, as well as our most current subscription form, we are hopeful that this newly-created awareness may attract more readers, and may possibly even help to increase our membership, thus acting on the MMOR Resolution that was passed at the 21st National Congress, Winnipeg, MB

~ Rosemarie Nahnybida,  Nasha Doroha Coordinator (2007-2010)