Nasha Doroha Policy Paper


is the official publication of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s
League of Canada. It is a bilingual quarterly magazine published in Ukrainian and


  1. To reflect the ideology of the UCWLC and promote its fundamental aims
  2. To inform members of activities at the Eparchial and Branch levels
  3. To inform members of UCWLC work Nationally and Internationally
  4. to help develop members into good Christian citizens; into women who
    live their Christian faith and their Ukrainian heritage.


  1. the magazine shall promote the aims of the UCWLC in accordance with its Constitution
  2. to fulfill its purpose, it shall consist of the following breakdown of material:
  3. 25% – articles of spiritual enrichment and Christian morality
    25% – activities of UCWLC Branches
    20% – issues relevant to Ukrainian Catholic women affecting Canadian social and/or political policies
    20% – Ukrainian history, culture, and the arts
    10% – UCWLC National Executive activities

  4. The Ukrainian and English languages should be evenly represented


– consists of:

  1. National President of UCWLC
  2. Editor – hired on a contractual basis
  3. Financial Administrator – appointed by the National Executive
  4. Coordinator – elected by the Congress
  5. One Nasha Doroha Representative from each Eparchy


  1. Must be a UCWLC member
  2. Must be proficient in the Ukrainian and English languages
  3. Must have experience in journalism. Publishing experience would be an asset.
  4. Should attend the UCWLC Congress. Attendance at Plenary is at the discretion of the National Executive.


  1. She shall edit Nasha Doroha in accordance with the ideology of the UCWLC, its Constitution and Policy Paper
  2. She shall solicit and obtain articles from writers
  3. She is directly responsible to the National Executive and Editorial Board
  4. She reports on content of the Magazine at the Congress, and at the Plenary Conference if requested
  5. She is assisted by Eparchial Representatives, who will submit reports, articles, and material reflecting Branch activities and events


  1. The UCWLC Congress elects a Nasha Doroha Coordinator to the Editorial Board who shall maintain a liaison between the National Executive, Editorial Board and Eparchial Representatives
  2. The National Executive appoints a Financial Administrator who shall be directly responsible for all finances pertaining to Nasha Doroha
  3. The technical staff shall be hired by the National Executive in conjunction with the Editorial Board
  4. The Eparchial Representatives will encourage new members thus readers of the Magazine. Outside subscription cost shall be determined by National Executive and the Editorial Board
  5. The Eparchial Representatives shall submit an annual mailing list to the Financial Administrator of the Editorial board for distribution purpose


  1. the publication is supported by a portion of the UCWLC membership dues
  2. Other sources of revenue are:
    a) “Press Fund” donations from individuals and/or organizations. These will be acknowledged in Nasha Doroha
    b) Outside subscriptions, announcements and greetings
  3. The Financial books of Nasha Doroha shall be audited annually


  1. All editorial correspondence shall be addressed to the Editor
  2. All non-financial matters shall be addressed to the Coordinator
  3. All financial matters shall be addressed to the Financial Administrator
  4. The publication shall list the names of the National President, Editor, Coordinator and Financial Administrator with their contact information
  5. The National Executive of the UCWLC shall resolve matters not specified in the Policy Paper.

(Drafted and Accepted at the National Plenary Conference on the 5th day of May, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario )