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Ukrainian Sources – (English) A source for Ukrainian business, professional, multinational, community. References for Canada. (Publisher – Editor – Stepha Dmytriw).

Traditional Dress of Bukovyna
– (English/Ukrainian) The development of the traditional Bukovynian costume from ancient times to the present is investigated./ For the first time in ethnographic studies evolution of the national costume of Bukovyna is revealed, characteristics of the elemental part are presented, research classifications and definitive regional costumes elements of Ukrainians and Moldavians of Bukovyna are traced. This text will be of particular interest to ethnographers, historians, art critics, museologists, artists, cultural practitioners, lectures and students, and to all who are interested in the ethnology of Ukraine. (Authored by Dr. Yaroslava Kojolianko, Published by Bukovyna Association of Canada 1994).

Ethnography of Bukovyna
– (Ukrainian) – This monograph is dedicated to the investigation of one of the historical – ethnographic areas of Ukraine, Bukovyna. The ethnographic studies of this area (the problems of the history of Bukovyna, it’s territory from ancient time and middle ages, to the new and newest period: forming of the ethnic population: agrotechnics, character of settlement and houses, folk attire, traditional meals, relations and communities, and custom usage) were summarized and generalized in the Ukrainian studies for the first time. This edition is intended for historians, ethnologists, art and culture scientists, architects, lecturers at the university, students, museum employers, and a wide circle of readers. (Authored by Dr. Yuri Kojolianko, Chernivtsi State University 1999).

– Ukrainian Ritual Cloths – (English) Ukrainian Museum works with commentaries by Lubow Wolynetz.

Pysanky & Embroidery Books
– Directions and Supplies.

Mrs. Anna Hanushevsky
1203-620 7th Ave., New Westminister BC V3M 5T6
(604) 522-2342

Writer & Song Writer & Guitarist
Martha V. Prytula
2049 Cresent Road, Victoria BC V8L 3X6

Director Vinkopletennia & Switanok Chorus
Anna Kvitka Kozak
Vinkopletennia video and cassettes and Switanok cassettes available
2516 Bendale Road, North Vancouver V3S 2Y3
(604) 929-2580

Julia Stashuk
Cultural/Video Productions, TV Productions, etc.
303-7580 Columbia Street, Vancouver BC V5X 3Y4
(604) 324-7580

Theresa Herchak
Cultural/Video Productions, TV Productions, etc.
115440 Seabay Road, Vancouver BC V7A 3H6
(604) 277-2558

Nasha Doroha

Radiste Designs
Do you have an antique or special necklace which has missing pieces or has fallen apart? We specialize in the restoration and recreation of seed-beaded necklaces, including Coraly and Gerdany necklaces; so that a new generation may wear them with pride.
Contact: Raynelle Paramonova
Edmonton, AB
Phone: (780) 461-5787