UCWLC National Inventory

Awards & Pins

Merit Certificates 25 Years – English & Ukrainian

10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 65 Years of Service Pins

National President who was an Arch/eparchial President (two bars)

National President but not an Arch/eparchial President (one bar)

Past President Pin with loops – National & Arch/eparchial

Archeparchial Past President Pin (one bar)

Eparchial Past President Pin (one bar)

Branch President Pin (badge)

Past President Pin – Branch

Membership Pin


Spiritual Advisor’s Pin


Mother of God of Pochaiv All Occasion (blank) Cards

Mother of God of Pochaiv Get Well Cards

Hodigitria All Occasion (blank) Cards

Oranta Get Well Cards

UCWLC Emblem All Occasion (blank) Cards


Mother of God of Odibitria 8×10

Mother of God of Pochaiv 8×10 (for outgoing Branch Presidents only)

Mother of God of Pochaiv 11×14 (for outgoing Eparchial Presidents only)

Mother of God of Pochaiv 16×20 (for outgoing National Presidents only)

Mother of God of Vyshorod 8×10

Stickers for the back of “Mother of God of Pochaiv” Icon


“Growing Together in Faith” – Spiritual Development

“Revitalizing Our Mission” – Lena Sloboda

“The Ukrainian Catholic Church” – A brief overview of its origins & practices

Book Marks

Constitution Books

Prayer Corner Pamphlets – English & Ukrainian


UCWLC (2006) Brochures

UCWLC Handbook – English & Ukrainian

UCWLC League Day Tags – 250 per roll

Forms – Application for Membership, Recording a Deceased Member & Transfer Forms


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