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Musèe Ukraina Museum – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A culturally extraordinary and prolific exhibit of Ukrainian settlement prior to immigration to Canada. An excellent resource with over 4000 artifacts within the collection.

UCWLC Arts and Crafts Museum – Edmonton, Alberta
– The Museum collects, preserves and interprets artifacts of Ukrainian culture brought to Canada by the Ukrainian settlers or made and used here, after their arrival. 10825 – 97 St. Edmonton, AB.

Winnipeg Museum – Winnipeg, Manitoba
– A list of museum specialties, feature exhibits, and current displays.

UCWLC Eparchy of Toronto Museum – Toronto, Ontario
– The Museum preserves a collection of about 1,000 artifacts of Ukrainian folk art, including antique regional folk costumes.

An excellent resource material is the Museum’s DVD titled “МUSEUM – Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, Eparchy of Toronto”. The DVD contains both English and Ukrainian versions, each 37 min. in length. It traces the history of Ukrainian folk dress and depicts examples from the Museum’s extensive collection.

To purchase the DVD, please contact the Eparchial Executive at zenchris@sympatico.ca.

To view the DVD:

English version
Ukrainian version