About Us

Our Mission Statement

“The Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, in its ongoing commitment to the mission of the Church, is dedicated to providing the resources that allow its members to realize their own true vocation, and live an authentic Christian life as contributing members to the Church and society.”


The UCWLC is a strong and committed organization with a structure with a:

  • National Executive
  • Eparchial Executive
  • Local Branch Executive


The fundamental aims of the UCWLC are aimed at:

  • Catholic faith: to develop and enrich the religious and spiritual life of each member and each parish, thereby strengthening the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada.
  • Ukrainian culture: to preserve and develop Ukrainian culture in Canada.
  • Canadian citizenship: to become fully aware to the needs of family, community and country. To strengthen the spiritual dimensions and moral values of Canadian life.
  • Charitable activities: to initiate and support programs of charitable action.


The Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada was organized nationally on June 14, 1944, and granted Federal Charter on September 9, 1980.

The UCWLC is affiliated with:

  • Ukrainian Canadian Committee (1944)
  • National Women’s Council (founding member since 1944)
  • World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations (founding member since 1948)
  • World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations (since 1957)
  • Ukrainian World Congress (since 1975)
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress (since 1993)

For God and the People