Religious Resources

St. Volodymyr Museum
– The St.Volodymyr museum was initially started by the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League as a Canadian Centennial project in 1967 honoring the many and diverse experiences of Ukrainian Catholics in Manitoba. Its start was blessed by late Most Reverend Archbishop M. Hermaniuk, Metropolitan of Canada. His grace most graciously bequeathed many of his own items to the museum and greatly assisted in the museum’s early prosperity. Today, the museum’s rather unique collection, consists of a wide variety of religious artifacts; bishops’ and priests’ vestments, an assortment of liturgical items and a collection of sacred texts. The museum’s current location, at the Bishop’s chancery at 233 Scotia St., can be attributed to the kindness of Bishop Stefan Soroka who felt it would be appropriate that the museum be situated close to the archeparchy’s main offices. For more information, please visit Natalie Radowetz’s excellent write-up at the archeparchy’s main site.

Thousand Call Him “Father”
– Historical survey of the apostolic work of the Redemptorist Fathers and the flourishing of the Ukrainian Catholic Parishes in Ituna, Saskatchewan and District. NOTE: this book project was supported by UCWLC of the area helping out with layout, typing, and financially, as well as contribution of resource material. (Editor- Father Gregory Novak, Author of Ukrainian Survey – Father Stephan Bachtalowsky, Coordinator- Father Simeon Ebvanochko).

Prayer and Service
– A biography of the servant of God Josaphats Hordashevska. NOTE: UCWLC National, Eparchial and Branch monetary contributions. (Written by Sister Dominica Slawuta, SSMI, Published by Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate 1996. Also Published in Ukrainian under the title: Molytva i Sluzhinnia: biohrafiia. The Basilian Press, Toronto, Canada).

– Sister Dominica Slawita, SSMI. First Sister Servant of Mary Immaculate. NOTE: This is a biography also, but the very first written in a smaller format. (Basilian Press, Toronto 1985).

Ukrainian Catholic Churches of Saskatchewan
– English/Ukrainian (Authored by Anna Maria Baran, Published by Ukrainian Catholic Council of Saskatchewan, 1977).

Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine (English or Ukrainian)
– Includes Byzantine-Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada. (Published by Editions du Signe).

1947 Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
– NOTE: UCWLC branch and Eparchial contributions National Spiritual Leader, and active involvement, Father Kushko. (Authored by Gloria Cherneski) Cudworth, Saskatchewan, 2000).

Glory to You, O God
– About Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate the first hundred years. NOTE: Amongst the Patrons there are three UCWLC Branches: Edmonton, Niagra Falls, and Thornhill. (Published by SSMI).

With God . . z Bohom
– A book of prayers, Divine services and devotions. The Liturgical Year- Major Feastdays, customs, objects and symbols of our rite, hymns. (Prayerbook compiled, edited and written by Sister Theodosia (Theresa) Papirnik, Ukrainian Sisters of St. Joseph of Saskatoon. Published by Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, Saskatoon Eparchial Executive in commemoration of the Centenary of Ukrainian Settlements in Canada – 1991.)

Blessed Endeavor
– Authored by UCWLC Eparchy of Saskatoon, published by The Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, Eparchy of Saskatoon, Printed by the Modern Press, Saskatoon, Canada, 1987

Church Parish History in British Columbia
Rt. Rev. Mitrat Bohdan Hanushevsky, V.G.
1203-620 7th Abe., New Westminster BC V3M 5T6
P: (604) 522-2342 F: (604) 521-8015

Ukrainian Catholic Churches and Church Organizations in British Columbia 1891-1992
Published by the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of New Westminster- 1997
Can be obtained from the Eparchy of New Westminster Chancery
502-5th Ave., New Westminster BC V3L 1S2
P:(604) 524-4158 F:(604) 521-8015